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A small town at the crest of Rocky Mountain National Park, Lyons offers outdoor adventures with easy access to Boulder. Lyons boasts an artsy downtown and takes pride in Lyons sandstone, which is seen in local and state-wide architecture.

Why Lyons?

POPULATION: 2,208 (2021) | AVG HOUSEHOLD INCOME: $111,982 (2021) | AVG SALES PRICE (2022): $878,378
Lyons, Colorado, is a small town located at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. With acres of hiking and biking trails out its doorstep, easy access to world-class climbing areas, and mighty Rocky Mountain National Park just 30 minutes down the road, Lyons is an outdoor lover’s paradise. Small and welcoming with an abundance of folksy charm, Lyons marches to the beat of its own drummer while still being conveniently located just 15 miles north of bustling Boulder. The tight-knit town has a thriving music community with the acclaimed Planet Bluegrass venue at its center.
While it may not be as well-known as some of the larger cities in Colorado, it still has some unique landmarks and attractions worth checking out. Here are a few:
  1. Planet Bluegrass: This music venue is home to some of the best bluegrass festivals in the country, including the famous Rocky Grass Festival. The venue is located on the banks of the St. Vrain River and offers stunning views of the surrounding mountains.

  2. Lyons Redstone Museum: This museum is dedicated to preserving the history of Lyons and the surrounding area. Visitors can learn about the town's mining and agricultural past and its role in the development of the Rocky Mountains.

  3. Hall Ranch: This beautiful park offers miles of hiking and biking trails that wind through scenic meadows and forests. The park has various wildlife, including deer, elk, and coyotes.

  4. Steamboat Mountain: This distinctive mountain is a local landmark seen from miles around. It's named for its shape, which resembles a steamboat when viewed from certain angles.

  5. Lyons Classic Pinball: This quirky arcade is home to over 40 vintage pinball machines, classic video games, and other arcade favorites. It's a fun and nostalgic way to spend an afternoon in Lyons.

  6. Downtown Lyons: A quaint downtown lined with locally-owned small businesses. Check out local artists' unique art and sculptures on street corners and in parks.

  7. St Vrain River: Relax on the banks, spend an amusing day tubing, do some fishing, or go kayaking for more thrill.

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